Terminus is

Terminus: Zombie Survivors is a turn-based survival roguelike set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse. Weeks have passed since the zombie virus took hold of humanity, and most of the population has already been infected. As one of the few survivors, you are still safely holed up in your house. When the power and water cut out, you must finally venture out to join up with the other survivors at the Terminus. Battle your way through hunger, frigid temperatures, and zombies to make it to the safe zone, where your only chance for survival awaits!

Key Features

Randomly Generated Map

Each journey for survival is different, as the very city you battle to survive through is randomly generated before you start. Over 150 different places are generated, with numerous locations to discover, hundreds of items to scavenge, and endless zombies to evade or fight. No two games are ever the same, but the journey to the Terminus is just as challenging each time.


A seemingly endless number of zombies stand between you and the Terminus; one wrong move or decision and it’s all over. Don’t be discouraged though, each death is a lesson that takes you closer and closer to the Terminus.

Turn-Based Play

Choose your next move carefully! Every movement, action, and decision you make deducts from your Action Points (AP). Strategic management of your AP is key to survival in Terminus. Use too little, and you might not find the resources needed to survive. Use too much, and you may leave yourself open to attack.

Status Management

Maintain your condition to stay in fighting shape. Surviving in an apocalypse isn’t easy. You’ll need to eat, sleep, and stay warm, all while maintaining your morale amidst ongoing zombie attacks.

Survivor Classes

Soldier, police officer, firefighter, farmer - each one fares differently in an apocalypse, but it’s up to you to discover which one stands the best chance of surviving. With over 10 different classes to choose from, traits to unlock, and stats to upgrade, it’s up to you to build the ultimate survivor.

Deep Combat System

Choose from a wide arsenal of tools and weapons with which to attack the oncoming zombie horde. Pick which parts of the body you want to hit, and experiment with the countless options on offer - if in doubt, remove the head, or destroy the brain!

Day/Night Cycle & Weather System

Each passing hour in Terminus brings you closer to the night. When the lights are out, even more dangers are lurking around every corner, and visibility is limited. You’ll also have to contend with harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and sudden changes in temperature.

NPC Encounters

Clawing your way across the city, you’ll occasionally encounter other uninfected survivors. Band together with them on your journey, trade goods, or steal their supplies and make your own way to the Terminus.

Additional Scenarios

Additional game scenarios (Out of Stock, Crowd, and Frozen Zombies) provide new and more challenging ways to play Terminus: Zombie Survivors.